Sunday Sounds

I don’t know if anyone heard but Natina Reed from Blaque just passed away. I was a massive fan of Blaque growing up so today they are my Sounds of Sunday.

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Cee-Lo Green (Band of Horses) - “No One’s gonna love you” 
Best Cover. 

(Source: the-intern-archives)

Also THIS right here: on heavy rotation today.

Sounds of Sunday.

Sounds of Sunday.

In her honor of winning tonight Sounds of Sunday; Adele.

My favorite songs of hers.

Penny & The Quarters

Sounds of Sunday.

A$AP Rocky

Sounds of Sunday.

This is so embarrassing; so why not talk about it on my blog and post it on the internet for everyone to know about it… (#mygeneration’sproblem)

I am working at a coffee shop today and my iTunes was on shuffle and THIS song came on. I of course freaked out and started to bust a move in my chair. While doing so I knocked my water over. Wet pants and still gigging. True intern swag.

Sounds of Sunday.

This is one of my favorite NaS songs. Know it by (brave)heart.

Sounds of Sundays.

Off to a nice Sunday Dinner with my sister.

I am sorry. I am obsessed with these boys now. Love love love them. Their sound, they way the carry themselves, and the lyrics. Plus their video are SICK. Great ideas, very fresh.

sounds of sunday.

Sounds of Sunday: Zimoun

Who know something like a cotton ball could be so loud?! For some reason I can’t stop watching this. It’s like a brain wash. 

My friend Nate turned me on to this band (might be because he’s “little brother” is the rapper…) but I have to say I am really impressed by them. I promise you, they will become real big in the near future.

Already played at SXSW

So I miss “Throw Back Wednesday” but I just heard this song of the radio and I am loving it! Plus the sun… ah. Life can’t get any better than this.