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Chipotle’s new ad is haunting and so intriguing. A strange promotion that makes it look more of a nominated short film for the Oscar’s then an actually ad.

Not only does it respectfully prompt the restaurant (only say the name once at the end) but also introduces their video game for iPads and iPhones.

Eery. But I like it.

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Top Trends of 2013
by Trend Hunter

advertising at it’s best.

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Wait. I am sorry. What?!

This ad is bloody brilliant! Beer & “car” chases. Great combo.

Logo Mash-ups.

Logo Mash-ups.

The Intern on: Vogue 2012 September Issue

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Whoa this is huge!

916 pages?!

Wait, who’s that on the cover? Ru Paul? Oh. Hey Lady Gaga

The first issue of Vogue came out December 17, 1892. Huh. It’s almost as old as Larry King.

76 pages until the Table of Contents…

Does Louis Vuitton really need 4 different ad campaigns? What are they, the new Geico?

Ugh. I hate strong thick paper ads.

There is 53 pages between the first page of the Table of Contents to the second

And 15 more between second part of Table contents to the third part.

Which means there is 100 pages between first page of table contents to the third page.

And 20 more between third page of table contents and the FOURTH page of table contents.

So yes, there is 4 pages for the table contents. None are on the same page or even remotely close together.

But no worries, the letter from the editor is only 3 pages (22-24 pages between each part of the letter)

Which reminds me… I need to go to Target

Oooh! Janelle Monae makes a great covergirl.

It’s not until page 440 do we actually get to our first “real” article. And it’s about a dog NOT fashion.

So many ads!!!

So many thick stock paper ads!!

Ripping them out as we speak. Vogue hate to be rude/ironic but go on a diet!

Ooh! Mimi Xu. I like.

Grimes! (Page 685… Side note: Co-worker told me I looked like her because my purple hair. And I thought that was too cool!)

Ooh a tiny ass of L’Oreal B.B. cream freebie in “light” (a.k.a. white skin) Vogue, you shouldn’t have.

Food & fashion do go hand and hand.

NOW! Finally to the fashion editorial. The “reason” you buy September Vogue or any Vogue at that matter is on page 763. That’s right page # 763

Lady Gaga’s interview page 803

Holy shit! I see you ASAP Rocky on page 836

Damn Jennifer Lawrence is so beautiful! page 846

Florence Welch is fierce. page 855

Rapper Dominique Young Unique, I see you! (They nearly cut you off the page but I see you) page 856

I truly believe Grace Coddington is the heart of Vogue

Michelle O’bama! What a lovely surprise to see you in a NFL Women’s apparel ad…

End on the world smallest expensive purse in my mind. $3,995

(DONE! 2:51 PM - Well, there goes my lunch break)

I am not a fan of Lena Dunham. I think her humor is cheesy and cheap. But hey, the girl directs, writes, and acts. (And I am just an intern.) So she must be doing something right.

Now, this little short that she (once again) stars, writes, and directed is pretty good. I am a huge of Jon Hamm, so in all honesty that is why I watched it. But it’s a cool ad for the new New Yorker Magazine iPhone app.

This is a BRILLIANT ad.

This is a BRILLIANT ad.

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I am sorry… What?!

I WAS watching a music video and, as you’ve probably noticed, youtube has ads at the beginning of some of their videos now. Well, this one popped up. And I have to say; they got me. I watched the whole thing.


Brilliant ad.

Method Soap: High Five a Rainbow

Wowie wow. My entertainment for the night.

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The ladies from Ab Fab in the Alexis Bittar’s ad campaign.
I think this is brilliant marketing. 

The ladies from Ab Fab in the Alexis Bittar’s ad campaign.

I think this is brilliant marketing. 

Brilliant ad.

Brilliant ad.

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I love this ad because my dream guy would be a mix of Adrien Brody & Andre 3000.

(With a pinch of frank ocean and dash of Nathan Stewart-Jarrett)