"I wanna rob."

"I wanna rob."

Don’t mess with me. It’s truly that serious.

Made signs for Jackie & me.

midnight showing #MARShmallow

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"3. There is no right and wrong, there is only interesting, and less interesting."

Sam Mendes

(25 Rules for Directors via Vanity Fair)

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"7. If you are doing a play or a film, you have to have a secret way in if you are directing it. Sometimes it’s big things. American Beauty, for me, was about my adolescence. Road to Perdition was about my childhood. Skyfall was about middle-age and mortality. Sometimes it’s small things. Maybe it’s just a simple idea. What if we do the whole thing in the nightclub, for example. But it’s not enough just to admire a script, you have to have a way in that is yours, and yours alone."

— Sam Mendes
(25 Rules on being a Director for Vanity Fair)

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"Hey, I just saw…"

(Side note - I think I am going to start posting about movies, TV shows, youtube videos, interviews or whatever that “I just saw” that I found either interesting, inspiring, or overall compelling that I think you, the reader, might enjoy as well.
I can also tie it in to a “I just heard…” which will be radio shows or music that fall in the same categories of cool shit to check out. With that said….)

Hey! I just saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty yesterday and I absolutely loved it. For those who read the book its nothing like the book but does pay a sweet, kind, homage to the story line.

The film’s cinematography was epic. Every frame could stand on it’s own as a beautiful photography.

See it soon! I think it’s a great way to start the new year.

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2013: 100 + NEW Movies

Every year since 2009 I’ve made it a goal for myself to watch 100 (and/or more) new movies a year. New as in never seen, never watched, first time seeing it EVER movie. Here is 2010 list, 2011, and 2012. And this year is as follows:

School Ties
New Year’s Eve
Django: Unchained
Lost in Translation
Nine Lives
Ocean’s 13
Mirror Mirror
Hot Rob
Life Happens
17 Girls
Beyonce: Life Is but a Dream
Spring Breakers
Good Deeds
Snow White & The Huntsman
Tanner Hall
Girl in Progress
Pain & Gain
Iron Man 3
The Great Gatsby
Star Trek 2
The Bourne Legacy
To Rome With Love
Hang Over 3
Jack The Giant Slayer
21 & Over
Behind The Candelabra 
Hit & Run
Struck by Lightening
The Internship
Warm Bodies
Superman: Man of Steel
This is The End
World War Z
House Sitter
The Avengers
Despicable Me 2
The Bling Ring
The Way Way Back
The Wolverine
Perks of Being a Wallflower
For a good time call…
The Sitter
We’re The Millers
White House Down
5 Year Engagement
Kick Ass 2
Bad Girls of Valley High
The Butler
The World’s End
Our Idiot Brother
Runway Bride
Now You See Me
The Associate
Paid in Full
Side Effects
Drop Dead Fred
Thanks For Sharing
Touchy Feely
Don Jon
Monster’s University
Grown Ups 2
Along Came Polly
Enough Said
The Fifth Estate
Angus, Thongs & Prefect Snogging
Mona Lisa’s Smile
Hunger Games: Catching Fire
The Heat
The Switch
The Cold Light of Day
Dallas Buyer’s Club
Fun Sized
This is 40
Anchorman 2
The Holiday
American Hustle
The Lifeguard
The Wolf of Wall Street

So there you have it! 103 movies this year. I wanted to see more but hopefully next year I’ll hit 150 plus!

But really tho…

So don’t get me wrong “Bridesmaids” was a good comedy for women and all but come on people! How could we forget Mean Girls, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and Clueless. All in which were written by women with strong female characters waaaaaaay before Bridesmaid. All those movies were funny as hell (if not funnier then Bridesmaids - in my personal opinion)
Not to mention Clueless was written AND directed by a women… just saying.

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The Fifth Estate

I just saw it and I have to say I have a new definition of “truth” and what should be “public knowledge.”

I of course feel smarter after watching that movie, but that’s because I’ve only been having deep intelligent conversation with myself it’s not really doing anyone any good.

But I have to say; not only am I pretty but I think I make a lot of good points.

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Alan Rickman - Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

I would love to be to write/star in a movie with him. I mean would LOVE IT.

favorite actor.

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Such Awe. Such Wonder.

Such Awe. Such Wonder.

Saw the worst movie of 2013

I thought it was Pain & Gain, THEN I thought it was Thanks for Sharing but now I know better. The worst movie of 2013 is Touchy Feely by Seattle’s own Lynn Shelton.

I would write a review it but there was no movie. So no review.

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HBO GO has The Associate AND Eddie

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Has there been a ‘Con Air’ reunion?

I mean it seems as if everyone is in that movie.

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Remember when Netflix was good?

Literally feel like I’ve watched everything on it now.

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